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30 January 2007 @ 08:22 pm

This journal is now friends only.
If you want to be added, leave a comment and i'll consider adding you back! ;)

If you're looking for my icons go to acrobatica

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01 January 2007 @ 09:07 pm
Wow I haven't updated in such a long time! But I really started missing livejournal lately. :(
I think i'm going to make this journal friends only and then make my own grapichs journal or something like that. But that will probably take a while because I don't how to call it, every cool name is already taken or you have to pay for it!! I hope everyone had great holidays, I got my notebook for christmas!! I'm soo happy with it, I also got some albums and I got Season 1 and 2 from Smallville! :D
Well I see some things have changed here on livejournal but still not more userpics. :P I hope I still know how to edit my layout and stuff.

Btw, I love Heroes, that show is just amazing, the characters are all so great and I love their powers and the storylines. I recently also fell in love with Battlestar Galactica, I already knew the show and I've seen the mini-series and a couple of episodes but now they are going to broadcast Season 2 here in the netherlands, so I started downloading the other episodes from season 1 and I absolutely love it! And Wow Lost Season 3 was really great, I can't wait until February!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve, I was at home with my family and it was a lot of fun, but my dog was afraid of the firework, she was shaking and stuff.. really scary. She is now 4 years and it was the first time she was afraid of it. :(

I hope to speak you guys soon and I whish everyone a happy new year!! :D

ps: There are probably not a lot of people who like my music taste (I think) but if anyone has a last.fm account, please add me  I would love that!
12 August 2006 @ 10:08 am
I capped the movie 'Brick' and their are 1664 captures from the dvd. (I absolutley love this movie!) I hope these will be useful for anyone and if you use them in icons or something please give me credit for the caps. ;)

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[01-20] Stargate Atlantis
[21-22] Christina Aguilera
[23-27] Kelly Clarkson
[28-39] Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[40-54] Doctor Who
1 Rose Mcgowan wallpaper


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31 July 2006 @ 04:43 pm
I've made 7 pictures from the sky and 2 random photos, they are all in their original size and they were edited in Photoshop. If you would like the original photo, please say it here and I'll upload it for you. :) If you use them please credit me and I would love to see what you have made with it.

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[01-15] Victoria Koblenko
[16-25] Billie Piper
[26-31] Scarlett Johanson
[32-36] Jessica Alba
[36-36] Jennifer Garner


[14] Veronica Mars
[20] Lost
[07] Uma Thurman

More :)Collapse )
[20] Angel
[04] Gina Torres
[12] Alias
[16] Doctor Who
[15] Firefly

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21 June 2006 @ 03:25 pm
I experienced a bit on these icons, I tried to use more textures and things. :)

[30] Firefly
[12] Jensen Ackles

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